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How to add additional study links

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Jul 23, 2023
Forum users may post links to additional studies. To ensure conformity of format and content, please follow these instructions:

First, use the search feature (on the upper right) to check for keywords, to ensure that the link is not already posted, then:

1. Open the LINK DIRECTORY tab on the top menu bar.

2. Look at the Categories shown in the window on the left, and determine if your link falls in an existing category (if it does not, send a message to the Admin with a request to add a new category).

3. Select (click on) the appropriate category to open it. Then select + Add Item on the right.

4. Enter the Title of the article on the top line, and the web address in the URL line below.

5. Provide a brief Description on the next line.

6. In the box marked Item Details, add these line items:
• Source: (publication name)
• Date (e.g. 2023)
• Author(s): Separate authors with a comma

7. Right above the Save button is a line that says, Search engine optimization options with an arrow > to the right. Click on the arrow to expand the selection.

8. In the rectangle box Meta title, enter keywords separated by commas. This will assist the search engine to find the link.

9. Click Save at the bottom to add the entry.

10. Thank you for your contribution!
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